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RED FRUIT ( Pandanus conOideus laM )

The expert had analyzed and found that Red Fruit contains of high potential antioxidant as an active substances to prevent many illnesses, anti virus compounds and also complex vitamin and mineral.

Red Fuit / Pandanus Conoideus Lam is special and typical plant or endemic which grow at Papua island. But most population could seen at Jayawijaya, Jayapura, Manokwari, Nabire, Timika, and Ayamaru Sorong. Red Fruit plants are grow among the density of tropical forest, spread within cool mountain climate on 2000-3000 meters above sea level in Papua. In low land also can be found red fruit population, but the population is low. Society of Papua have known better red fruit. They often consume red fruit to add energy and stamina. Besides it, red fruit consumed at custom ceremony.

Red fruit still one family with pandanus plant. On Wamena (papua island), this plant   generally called eken sauk, the scientific name of Red Fruit is Pandanus Conoideus. There are about 14 red fruit type in Papua. Fourteenth of this red fruit type have difference at  form, heavy and that fruit color.

In  original habitat , red fruit grow either in lowland (40 above sea level) until plateau (2.000 m above sea level ). But whole population are in plains with height 1.200 till 2.000 m above sea level. Red fruit habit is grow to gang in one area, rarely stand apart. Red fruit grow in area with temperature under 17C with mean rainfall 186 mm per month and irradiating of sun 57% and  air pressure average 896 mb.

Content of nutrient in red fruit depended by location cultivation. Red fruit which growing in high area generally have the richer nutrient than red fruit which  in lower area.



Benefit Of RFO (Red Fruit Oil)

Why red fruit recently become very famous? Of course red fruit in the reality have assist ability to cure many diseases.

There are kind of diseases which can be cured by red fruit: 1. AIDS

2. Cancer and Tumor
3. Stroke and High Blood Pressure
4. Acid Blood-Vessel
5. Diabetes Mellitus (sweet urine water)
6. Osteoporosis
7. Trouble Eye
8. Improving Intelligence
9. Improving Enthusiasm and Fertility.



Content of Red Fruit Oil (RFO)

RFO richness with anti-oxide that have mean content:
- Carotene (12.000 ppm)
- Beta Carotene (700 ppm)
- Toco Pherol (11.000 ppm)

Besides that, Red Fruit Oil also contain natural substances which able to improve invulnerable system of body such as carotenoid, beta carotene, alpha of tokoferol, oleat acid, linoleat acid, linolenat and decanoat acid. Besides it, red fruit contain many calories to add energy, calcium, fiber, protein, vitamin B1, vitamin C and of nialin.


Using Red Fruit Oil (RFO)

Usage Guide :
" Red Fruit Oil " directly drink.
For medication, drink regularly 2 - 3 times on one day (1 tablespoon).
For prevention, to improving and stamina and tired, painful and also refresh body 1 times for one day (1 tablespoon).
For children under 10 year just half from adult measuring.
Before drinking we suggested to drink a draught water and after drink it. Better drink after eating.
Keep in cool place and dry.


More Explanation

Beta Carotene: natural substance which can treat cancer, overcoming anti stroke and coroner heart. Beta Carotene is to slowing down artery spots blockage, so that blood can flow to hearth and brain smoothly and it can interact with protein doubling antibody. Consuming 30-60 mg / day for 2 months can cause body produce diseases free natural cells and the increase such natural cells may minimize cancer cells production because it can neutralize compound free radical as a cancer source.

Toco Pherol: functioned as an anti aging, secondary antioxidant, increasing body immune system, preventing free radical damage, high content of vitamin E. Toco Pherol is good to attack cancer, hypertension and diabetes mellitus, degrading cholesterol of virulent LDL and improve HDL. A patient with heart disease and stroke feels a positive change, like the respiration is going well and the blood pressure becomes normal.

Beta Carotene and Toco Pherol are the main compound to overcome anti stroke and coroner heart attack. Beta Carotene moves the fleck accumulation of artery. It can protect the blood circulation to the heart and brain. Toco Pherol could decrease bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase HDL. Because of the synergy of both compounds, people who has problem with heart attack and stroke will get better such as smooth respiration, blood tension and normal heartbeat.

Amino acid:

-    Oleate acid, group of Omega 9 which can protect the body by controlling LDL and HDL. It is good  to  maintain  healthy  heart  on  diet.  

-   Linoleic acid, group of Omega 6 can prevent tumor growth

-   Linoleate acid, group of Omega 3 which can prevent blood coagulation and high blood pressure

The Red Fruit which contains of high dozes of Omega 3 and Omega 9 is not saturated fat acid, easily digested and absorbed and the metabolism can run smoothly. In hepatitis case liver could regenerate the broken liver cells faster.

Fatty acid in Red Fruit (Pandanous conoidus) is an antibiotic antivirus. Fatty acid could be weak and dissolved membrane lipida virus, then block and push virus. So, the virus is spreading itself and making new structures, particularly, it is able to slow down and kill active tumor cells.

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