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Testimonial Of Red Fruit Oil


Ms. Agustina Sawery (AIDS)

Ms. Agustina Sawery a woman who comes from Eastern Indonesia was weakened by aids. She got stadium 3 of aids and she weigh loss also. Then, she began to consume the red fruit oil at the year of 2004 and she became over weight. Before her weight was 28 to 48 kg.

This disease is killing the human immune because of virus infection and damaging the cells nearby buttock. Aids causes damages liver and lungs. Consuming the red fruit oil makes our liver and lungs better which caused by aids. Because the red fruit oil contains of betacarotene. Betacarotene has antioxidant which can establish our immune. Betacarotene is interacting to vitamin A of carotene and betacarotene with amino acid in protein. The food protein is being absorbed and being out through feses by the red fruit oil. Because the absorbance of HIV / AIDS is very weakly.

In the first five months, the virus is disappeared anymore. The composition of antioxidant of red fruit is changing certain amino acid protein. Aids needs  protein to spread itself. When the amino acid is changed, the virus is disable to detect anymore.

Mr. Koesdijono (The Stronger Heart)


A man who comes from Pacitan worked with PT Pos Indonesia. The name is Mr. Koesdijono. He was difficult to breath, became weakly because of heart attack.

He got heart attack in 1987 and got it again in 2004 because of too much tired and sleepless. Mr. Koesdijono had heart attack when he was in the office and called ambulance to take him to Harapan Kita hospital in Jakarta. He was sent into emergency room. The doctor said that there were three problems in his pulse and it reached 80%. No more way out except the by pass surgery. The surgery was going well and he might took home on February 16, 2004. He joined some rehabilitation forsake of his recovery. He did some exercises at home. Doctor suggested him to eat some vegetables and fruits, to change his pattern of life, not stressed or depressed.

Mr. Koesdijono did not have heart problem only, but also gastristic problem. And he had also a problem poop.

One day he watched a testimony about the advantages of red fruit oil to cure a woman with HIV on TV. He was so interested to consume red fruit oil too. Then he got many advantages of consuming red fruit oil. Now the gastristic problem was recovered and the heart became stronger. He can walk for 3 km right now.

Mrs. Krey (Storke)


There is a woman who lives in Jayapura. Her name is mrs. Krey. Mrs. Krey could not move her left leg and also her arm. She had stroke in 2002. Mrs. Krey did not give up to the stroke. She had come to many doctors and consumed many kinds of pills and expended much money. There was no result.

One day, she decided to consume a 150 ml of the red fruit oil. She consumed 1  full tea spoon once a day and she can move her leg and the hand joint in two weeks after. She keeps consuming the red fruit till now.

Mr. Andi (Lungs Cancer)


Mr. Andi, a 56 year old man were given up by lungs cancer. He tried many remedies within almost two years, but no result. Then, the red fruit oil helped him to recover himself.

He did never care the unstopped cough for several years. Sometimes, his chest became very painful. He was shocked when the doctor said that it was lungs cancer in the medium stadium. The doctor knew it by a very high alfa-fitoprotein and the tumor was big.

The weak body

Lungs cancer is the biggest cancer killer in the world. Most likely, 40 year old men and women are killed by lungs cancer. It is approximately 90% of cancer sufferer and 30% of dead by another kind of cancer.

Mr. Andiís body was weakened and the doctor suggested to attend chemotherapy and he did not do it. Therefore, his family tried another remedy.

The alternative remedy

He attended many alternative remedies, such as traditional remedy. Finally, he consumed the red fruit oil to cure himself. He consumed 8 bottles of the red fruit oil which contain of 120 ml.

Mr. Andi looked fresher and no longer pale. He has an appetite. The stamina was increasingly by consuming the red fruit oil.

Ms. Tri Daryanti (Breast Cancer)


Tri Daryanti is a woman who comes from Boyolali, Central Java. Tri Daryanti had to be very painful for long time. She got painful on her breast, fingers and also a dead sense of her leg because of accident. The doctor recommended her to get an operation to lift her breast cancer and she did it.

She started to suffer breast cancer in 1996. Sometimes, her breast is so hardened and felt hot. Her breast is bigger and bigger. She got a big painful unto her backbone. She couldnít sleep well. She decided to go to doctor. She had blood test, urine test, heart test, and the blood tension as well. The result of doctorís diagnose was breast cancer with stadium 2. She got lost appetite, weight loss and her body became skinnier and skinnier.

Her family attempted many remedies. They moved from remedy to another. Unluckily, she just consumed antibiotics. She went to alternative for three years as well and the result was very discontently. Then she decided to go to Jayapura forsake her husbandís work and came to a doctor in Jayapura. The doctor said that it will be worse if she didnít get operation. She got it, therefore. She was not painful for the first weeks after surgery. She felt painful again and the wounded on her breast was never dried. She was against the cancer for two years.

Finally, she found out an information about the red fruit oil and consumed it with the shark oil. It is good for her. She had been recovered by consuming the red fruit oil. She feels better and can sleep well. The cancer was faded after two weeks of consuming the red fruit oil. She keeps consuming red fruit although she has been totally recovered now.